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Bill “Babalu” Caudle

Master Drummer Extraordinaire

Bill “Babalu” Caudle • Master Drummer Extraordinaire – a multi-talented musician, he has drummed with most of the African and diaspora drumming ensembles up and down the East Coast for decades. A native of Washington, DC, Caudle served as lead djembe drummer for Baba Melvin Deal's African Heritage Dancers and         Drummers for more than 20 years. He is one of the more experienced drummers who participates in the Sunday circle of drummers and dancers at Malcolm X Park in the Meridian Hills area of Northwest Washington, DC. The circle, which this year celebrates its 50th year in existence, is believed to have officially started in response to the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965; Caudle became a fixture there and has drummed there since the early 1970s. A major drum talent, Caudle is unique in that he is considered to be a drummer’s drummer as well as a dancer's drummer. It is rare to be considered both, but Caudle, who himself is an accomplished dancer, is able to move in two worlds – that of the dancer as well as the drummer. As a result, drummers admire him because he is able to adapt to and master any rhythm – so long as it is played correctly; and dancers like to move to his hand because he watches their body movements carefully and drums to the dancers’ strengths. A deeply spiritual person, he considers African drumming to be one of the highest art forms and views drumming as a healing medium when shown the proper respect and deference.

Zama Cook

Graphic Artist, Photographer, and Videographer

Zama Cook • Graphic Artist, Photographer, and Videographer – having honed his skills for over 40 years, he is the former Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Garvey’s Voice magazine, and the former Minister of Information of the Government of the UNIA-ACL.

Mary E. Greer Mudiku

Designer of the ADACI logo

Mary E. Greer Mudiku – is best known in the Washington, D.C. and east coast areas for her very detailed pen and ink drawings in a stippling technique which readily identifies her style. Designer of the ADACI logo, she is also an accomplished painter, poet, and art therapist, and an entrepreneur who has started her own company, The Season of Rebirth. Born in Greenville, Mississippi and reared in Memphis,Tennessee, where she now resides, she completed her BFA degree at Memphis State University and later studied at the Memphis Academy of Art, subsequently receiving her Master's degree in painting at Howard University. Ms. Mudiku also served as an art therapist in the youth facility at the D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility.

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Kombo Omolara

Multi-talented Drummer, Dancer, Photographer, and Videographer

Kombo Omolara • Multi-talented Drummer, Dancer, Photographer, and Videographer – native of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, he is the founder of the Yacouba Mask Society, dedicated to the preservation of stilt dancing.

Sadikii Paul Lacanster.jpg

Sidiki Paul Lancaster

Master Drummer and Educator and performing African Percussionist/Historian/Folklorist

Sidiki Paul Lancaster • Master Drummer and Educator and performing African Percussionist/Historian/Folklorist –  aligning African Diaspora traditions with comparable experiences unique to African-American heritage, he is a facilitator of Rites of Passage/ Boys 2 Men mentoring programs, traditional African healing arts, and ceremonial /ritual traditions. He has apprenticed with legendary artists Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Abdoulaye Camara, and Djimo Kouyate, and has studied/performed with multiple African Master Percussionists including Mor Thiam, Ibrahima Camara, Zak Diouf, and Soulimane Diop, (Senegal), Ladji Camara, (Guinea), Babatunde Michael Olatunji,(Nigeria), Chief Bey, (NYC), Baba Ishangi Rizak, Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu, (Ghana). He has studied/mentored with such great scholars as Chancellor Williams, John Henrik Clarke, Asa Hilliard, Leonard Jeffries, and Yosef Ben-Jochannan.

Joseph Soh Ngwa

Ancestral Master Drummer

Joseph Soh Ngwa • Ancestral Master Drummer – born in Cameroon, West Africa, is known for his high skill and knowledge concerning the djembe and other African percussion instruments, particularly the talking drum. He is also a specialist in the healing power of the African drum, and is a practitioner of the divine spiritual arts

of African percussion. Master Ngwa’s skills are very much in demand and he is involved with a diverse range of projects, such as films, video recordings, and museum consultancies. He offers workshops and performances exploring the various musical and oral traditions in Africa. A highly sought after percussionist,

he performs and teaches widely with many groups throughout the U.S. and other countries, and is a senior member of the drumming corps for two prominent Washington, DC-based African dance companies: African Heritage Drummers & Dancers and KanKouran West African Dance Company.