Programs and Initiatives

ADACl’s Annual International Ancestral Commemoration is a multi-faceted effort that uses the visual and performing arts, spiritual ceremonies and educational seminars as tools for personal transformation and community-based spiritual development. During the annual commemoration,  members of the African-descended community have an opportunity to Spiritually Unite with Africans throughout the world in honoring those who camebefore; Celebrate and Give Thanks to the African Ancestors for contributions they have made to the world; Reaiffirm our Faith in the African Collective, our commitment to our children of African descent, and our collective future; and Assess the many implications of the loss of Africans during the Atlantic enslavement and commit to never allowing such a travesty to ever happen again. at any time, in any form.


ADACI Annual River Walk and Ancestral Healing Ceremony

ADACI’s Annual International Commemoration focuses on the ongoing process of healing and restoration of collective memory by recapturing and reassembling the fragmented history of Africa and the African Diaspora. Activities begin with the pouring of libations.  A drum procession directed by drummers and musicians leads participants to the Anacostia River for a Spiritual Healing and Renewal Ceremony dedicated to our community and those African Ancestors lost during the Middle Passage – the Maafa.  The sight of the river ceremony which is directly beneath the historic11th Street Bridge, is of particular importance because the bridge represented the cross over from slavery, in the State of Maryland, to emancipation, in the District of Columbia, for our African ancestors in the 1800’s. 


ADACls Educational Forums

ADACls Educational Forums: examine the implications of enslavement, its aftermath, and its effects on the African family; the forums provide a vehicle for creating solutions to serve as a course of action in removing the barriers to self-determination. Forum participants have included such scholars as

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, principal advisor to ADACI; Dr. Tony Martin, Dr. Jacob Carruthers, Dr. Joseph Harris, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Amos Wilson, C.R. Gibbs, Tony Browder, Dr. Acklyn Lynch, Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Professor Paulette Pennington Jones, Dr. Sterling Stuckey, Dr. Lisa Aubrey, Dr. Kevin Washington, and Professor Haile Gerima.


ADACI’s Interfaith Memorial Services

ADACI’s Interfaith Memorial Services provide an opportunity for participants to spiritually unite with Africans throughout the world by honoring those who came before us in a commemorative service. The speakers at the memorial services have included a number of renowned spiritual and religious leaders representing a variety of organizations:Minister Abdul Alim Muhammad, Iyanla Vanzant, Rev. Willie Wilson, Archbishop George Stallings, Nana Nsia Opare, Baba Ifa Karade and Ur Aua Hehe Metu Ra Enkha-mit.


ADACI's Pan African Cultural Celebrations

ADACI's Pan African Cultural Celebrations: commemorate African Ancestors for the contributions they have made to the world. Program participants include nationally and internationally known artists who demonstrate in their diversity the continuity of African culture throughout the diaspora, whose participants have included: Master Drummer Baba Ngoma, Mamadi Kames Nyasumma, Heru Atta Ofari, Laini Mataka, Olu Butterfly, Auset (Marian Smothers), Brother Ah(Robert Northern), African Heritage Dancers & DrummersJanuwa Moja, Afi, and KanKouran West African Dance Company.


ADACI Youth Institute

ADACI Youth Institute:  created in 1995. focuses on youth development ' and empowerment. The Youth Institute consists of day-long workshops for teenagers which treat a range of topics germane to the wholesome and total development of the mind, body. spirit and soul of young people, including: Budgeting and Financial Management; Entrepreneurial Skill Training; Understanding the Media; Hip-Hop /Rap/Reality; Conflict Resolution; Manhood Discipline; Responsibilities of Sisterhood; Health and Nutrition; Understanding and Controlling Sexual Behavior; Developing Genius, and Spiritual Development.