ADACI Engraved Altar Stones – 2″- 3″ wide


Get your own engraved Altar Stones. Use them as a starting piece for your altar or add to your altar or keep them in a special place like on your nightstand etc.

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Stones originate from the center of the earth and are created by earth’s pressures that hone and shape them, not unlike earthly pressures and environmental challenges that shaped our Ancestors’ experiences and purposes. The hardening of earth and minerals combined with the continuous flow of water over the stones shape them and make them smooth. The smoothness of the stone depends upon the amount of time, force or pressure which has been in contact with the rock. The SPIRIT is like water. In the same way that rocks are made smooth by the constant flow of water over them, our thoughts are the spiritual water that polishes our stones within the soul. Stones are primarily absorbers of energy; as they take in the heat of the sun and absorb the coolness of the earth, they become vessels of energy and memory over long periods of time.

ADACI altar stones can serve as containers of history which harness spiritual energy over time. Since energy is never destroyed, the stone stores a bit of history from the energy of the person that has touched it and from the entity where the stone is placed. Simply hold the stone in your hand, and meditate, pray and reflect in order to sense the calming effect of the stone as it generates a feeling of being grounded in Ancestral protective power and spiritual energy. Use these altar stones as a locus of Ancestral Spirit to build strong foundations within your own spiritual edifice.


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